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The Woodruff Fontaine
House Museum

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Southern Summers

On display May 17th - July 16th


Heat, oppressive humidity, Biblical storms and plagues of insects describe a Southern-style summer.  While the conditions seem intolerable, we native and honorary Southerners seem to adapt and make the best of Mother Nature's fury.  We always have and always will.

More than any other time of year, we cling to seasonal traditions developed by our 19th century forefathers.  Step into "Southern Summers" and learn how early Memphians kept their cool during those dog days of Summer!


"Houses are like people, some you like and some you don't like...

and once in a while, there is one you love."   

~L.M. Montgomery

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House Museum

The Woodruff-Fontaine House Museum is operated by the Memphis Chapter of the Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities. 

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Woodruff-Fontaine House Museum

680 Adams Avenue, Memphis, TN 381050

(901) 526-1469


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