Woodruff-Fontaine Ghost Tours  

Provided by Historical Haunts Memphis    

This is a fantastic and spooky tour of our landmark historic Victorian mansion.  Enjoy a unique tour of the dimly lit home with spacial emphasis on the family members who lived and died in the mansion.  The stunning architecture and priceless collection of furniture, artwork, and textiles set the mood for this special tour.  Your guide will be an experienced paranormal investigator and they will share the experiences, stories, and evidence which has led many visitors to believe that there are still folks at home here at 680 Adams Avenue.  Your tour guide will have investigation equipment and we may have activity happen during your tour.                                            


The tour is approximately 2 hours and starts promptly at 7:30pm.                       $25 per person ages 18 and over Sales Tax included                                                                       Space is limited please reserve your spot with the link below!   

Also a 3 hour Lights Out, All Access  Investigation                                                                            As Seen on Syfy's Ghost Hunters!  Bring your own gear and Ghost Hunt with seasoned investigators    9:30pm - 12:30am $25 per person        

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